Castle of Dusk and Shadow | Podium Audio

Fae of Brytwilde

Castle of Dusk and Shadow

Book 1

By: Rachel L. Schade

Performed by: Savy Des-Etages

Released: September 26, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 59 min

She’ll do anything to save her family—even marry a fae and face the dead.
Years ago, Elle Blackford’s parents made a desperate deal with the fae kingdom of Ashwood. While her mother and sisters reconciled themselves to a future among dangerous immortals, Elle and her father studied forbidden magic, hoping to find a loophole.
Until Elle’s father died, forcing Elle’s sister to marry Prince Fitz, heir of Ashwood. But Elle has a plan to change their fate. She knows that ghosts wander Ashwood Forest until the royal family sends them into the afterlife. Ghosts that can be returned to life, and she’s determined to save her father from his premature death. All she needs is powerful magic—magic Prince Fitz possesses.
Taking her sister’s place, Elle marries Prince Fitz to steal his power. But in a world of bloodthirsty fae and vengeful ghosts, being a mortal comes with constant risks. As Elle navigates a kingdom of monsters and tragic secrets, she realizes she might not survive to save her family.
The key to her salvation might be her arrogant, cold husband—the one she’d planned to rob and abandon. If only she can trust him.
_Pride and Prejudice _meets Gothic fae fantasy in this loose retelling, full of plenty of romantic tension (not spice). Immerse yourself in Fae of Brytwilde, a series of standalone fantasy romance novels all set in the same fae world and loosely inspired by Jane Austen’s novels.



Rachel L. Schade

Rachel L. Schade was born on the first day of summer in a small town in Michigan. She attended The Ohio State University to learn how to write obnoxiously long papers, cite people who use big words, and discuss her passion: books. She has a great love for the color blue, sunshine, chocolate, and not folding her laundry. Currently she lives in Ohio with her husband and fur babies, and surrounds herself with books and coffee on a regular basis.



Savy Des-Etages