Cipher's Wrath | Podium Audio

The Collision

Cipher’s Wrath

Book 2

By: T. M. Clayton

Performed by: Sean Patrick Hopkins

Released: November 28, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 20 hr, 29 min

A ragtag salvage-ship crew and a fugitive ex-marshal must race against the clock to prevent all-out genocide in this character-driven space-opera sequel.
The remnants of humanity are stranded in deep space, forced to share the ruins of their marooned ark ship, the Novara, with a race of vagrant aliens known as “cohabitors.” As tensions rise, the factitious peace that has stood for a century hangs by a thread. War looms on the horizon, and on the Novara,_ _war can mean only one thing: extinction . . .
In the wake of her decisive victory against the corrupt Administrator, ferocious insurgent leader Jyn Sato plans to take her fight for emancipation all the way to the Administration’s doorstep. But first she must find a way to liberate her home, the Mouth, from the foul clutches of the Glow Syndicate.
Meanwhile, following her turbulent foray into the Novara’s_ _criminal underworld, Capt. Delilah Holloway is being hunted by ruthless kingpin Vidalia Drexen and his sinister agents. She had hoped to lay low for a while and settle back into the routine of salvage work. But her newest crewmember Tobias Edevane’s mysterious and ever-deepening connection to the cohabitors thrusts her into a conflict she can no longer ignore.
Tobias’s sister Hazel, on the other hand, is a fighter pilot in training. She is recovering from life-changing injuries after her squad was attacked by unknown hostiles. Her superiors want her to stay quiet about the incident, but she is determined to disclose the truth about what happened to her fallen wingmates. Or that is the plan—until a malfunction with her prosthetic implants leaves her convinced she is seeing ghosts.
Masterful plotting, fascinating politics, and dangerous alliances collide in Cipher’s Wrath, the second book in the heart-pounding sci-fi series guaranteed to thrill fans of The Expanse and Foundation.



T. M. Clayton



Sean Patrick Hopkins

_A student of neuroscience and speech pathology, Sean has translated his understanding of human behavior and vocal performance into a career in storytelling. His classical training and versatility with dialects have helped to create distinct and varied characters across many genres. In addition to narrating over 250 audiobooks under various names, Sean has been seen and heard on film, television, video games, and stages in New York City and across the country. When not in the booth, you can find him buried in genealogy research._