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Stryxian Alien Warriors

Claimed by the Stryxian

Book 3

By: Ella Blake

Released: April 26, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 05 hr, 43 min

When Axika Naxek is tasked with upgrading a newly acquired human space station, he comes straight up against Gwen, a brilliant human female whose strategic mind is integral to operations.
He thinks little of the weak humans he is in charge of, but to his astonishment, she ignites his mala and his interest. He can resist the sparks between them for a while, but the day will come for him to claim her as his. Gwen Jadin disliked everything about the Stryxian lottery, in which women were sent off to find alien mates and is not pleased that they are taking over the space station she has called home for a decade. She’s forced to work with Axika as he transforms the station for Stryxian use and would rather eat raiple dung than help him.
If only she could stop thinking dirty thoughts about him, dreaming about him. When they learn that someone is trying to sabotage the station, they must work together to find the hidden enemy. As the attacks increase in intensity and damage, events unfold that change relations between Stryxians and humans forever.
Can Gwen and Axika get over their differences”and submit to their desires”before the saboteur succeeds in destroying the base and their best chance at peace?
This is book three in the Stryxian Alien Warriors series. The author writes what they love in a story: always consent and a happy ending, and never cheating or cliff-hangers.



Ella Blake

Ella Blake loves sci-fi adventure and romance, so it's little wonder why she writes books about gorgeous alien hunks looking for love! Ella lives with her family, a mountain of books, and too many dogs in the Maine woods.