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Khanavai Warrior Bride Games

Claimed for the Alien Bride Lottery

Book 3

By: Margo Bond Collins

Released: December 26, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 03 hr, 16 min

I thought I’d escaped being given to an alien warrior. I was wrong.
I was one hour away from washing out of the Alien Bride Games. None of the Khanavai warriors had chosen me, and I was scheduled on the next shuttle off the filming station. Then, a bright red alien passed me in a hallway—and the next thing I knew, we were all over each other.
Bad enough that my name had been drawn in the Bride Lottery. Now, even though they’re supposedly over, I’m back in the Games. And not the usual ones, either—a whole new set of challenges, just for me. Guess it’ll make for good television back home.
I just hope I can resist him long enough to get back to Earth, to the people I love. And that I can keep him from learning my most desperate secret.
The odds aren’t looking good, though…
Every book in the Khanavai Warrior Bride Games series is a standalone romance. Fans of Ruby Dixon, Grace Goodwin, and Evangeline Anderson will adore this hot new series featuring gorgeous, bright alien heroes and the sassy human women they choose as mates!



Margo Bond Collins