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Celestial Chronicles


Book 3

By: Xander Jade

Performed by: Gabriel Michael, Katana Jones

Released: March 14, 2023

Language: English

Format: Duet Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 28 min

Kristjan had to learn the hard way that things never go as you plan.
All he wanted to do was live peacefully, but certain things intervened: having to deal with upstart commanders that know nothing of real battle; the battle at Wolker—where he unveiled to everyone that he has bonded with the Destroyer; being shipped off to another world because a few nobles didn’t think he was worthy to be in their presence.
A few good things came out of it all, though. Robert Cordona was relieved of most of his magic, the secret of his bonded came out, and otherworlders joined his crew. But Kris was also reminded that not everyone in his circle can be trusted. He diagnosed Queen Talia and Duchess Daria of a corruption in their bodies that spreads when using magic. He—and the others—were shocked at that revelation, and at the time, couldn’t help them. The distraught husband lashed out in distress, trying to harm his loved ones. That disturbed Kris, and even though it was warranted, the trust that was between them was severed.
Will Kristjan be able to help the queen and duchess? Will he be able to forgive the husband for his betrayal? Will everyone welcome the new members of Kris’s crew?
This book contains depictions of unconventional relationships, cursing, sexual content, lots of action and fighting, and magic. It is intended for mature listeners.



Xander Jade



Gabriel Michael



Katana Jones