Cocoa Beach Bakery | Podium Audio

Sweeney House

Cocoa Beach Bakery

Book 5

By: Cecelia Scott

Performed by: Vanessa Johansson

Released: October 10, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 07 hr, 14 min

After years of searching for her true purpose in life, Annie Hawthorne is officially opening her very own bakery.
With that, of course, comes challenges, roadblocks, a few burnt cupcakes, and an unexpected friendship with the charming single dad who owns the gym next door.
As Annie pursues her dreams and dips her toes into the waters of a new and complicated romance, Sam and the other Sweeneys get to know their long-lost sister, Lori, who is searching for a fresh start of her own.
With Taylor navigating a complicated love triangle, Annie finally finding herself, and Dottie working hard on the inn—and her relationship with her new stepdaughter—there’s never a dull moment in Cocoa Beach. But as the gang grows closer to Lori, Sam learns that she and her daughter, Amber, have some secrets, and she starts to wonder what they might really be running from.



Cecelia Scott

Cecelia Scott is an author of light, bright women’s fiction that explores family dynamics, heartfelt romance, and the emotional challenges that women face at all ages and stages of life. Her debut series, Sweeney House, is set on the shores of Cocoa Beach, where she lived for more than twenty years. Her books capture the salt, sand, and spectacular skies of the area and reflect her firm belief that life deserves a happy ending, with enough drama and surprises to keep it interesting. Cece currently resides in north Florida with her husband and beloved kitty. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her at the beach, usually with a good book.



Vanessa Johansson