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Myrtlewood Mysteries

Combustible Magic

Book 3

By: Iris Beaglehole

Performed by: Lorna Bennett

Released: October 31, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 11 min

As the festival of Beltane draws near, mysterious fires are springing up around the magical village of Myrtlewood, and Rosemary Thorn can’t help but try to solve the case.
Rosemary already has too much on her plate with a hoard of foundling children to house and her own teenager to raise. On top of all this, she has run out of excuses. There’s nothing standing between Rosemary and her dream of becoming a magical chocolatier. Well, nothing except her own self-sabotage.
Meanwhile, Athena Thorn is yearning for the fae realm and harbouring a secret that could put the whole town at risk. The last thing she wants to do is tell her mother!
If you’re ready for more mystery, witches, and paranormal women’s fiction with a midlife main character and a big dose of humor, you’re going to love Myrtlewood Mysteries Book 3.



Iris Beaglehole



Lorna Bennett

Lorna Bennett is a classically trained (LAMDA scholarship) British actor and narrator who has worked internationally in TV, Film, Theater & Audio. She has narrated books for Penguin Random House, Disney, Blackstone, HarperAudio, Dreamscape, Serial Box/Realm and Audible. Her screen credits include New Amsterdam, Stuart: A Life Backwards and Torchwood.