Core | Podium Audio

By: L.E. Miranda

Performed by: Michael David Axtell

Released: March 21, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 36 min

The Tutorial is over. Humanity has been surrounded, forced to confront those who summoned humanity to the Convergence, Liam is forced to fight to survive.
The sky shattered as the Zones opened. The Drakkhan Empire proved its readiness, and Liam must now fight with everything he has. In order to protect humanity and save the ones he loves, his limits must be furthered.
The Empire is a force whose scale Liam has never faced; his will itself will be tested. However, the possibilities for his growth are as endless as the stars in the sky. As he confronts his true origins, his potential comes to light.
Continue to follow his journey as he evolves even further to protect those he loves.
Delve into the mysterious world of the Convergence, an interdimensional tournament organized by an unseen entity. Watch a previously plain, but remarkable in his own way, man be thrust into a scenario filled with monsters and multiple intelligent species, all competing for survival in this mash up of LitRPG, traditional fantasy, and sci-fi.



L.E. Miranda

Hello there! I am L.E. Miranda, also known as Ayer12 on some websites. I'm a writer, med student, and videogame enthusiast. From a young age, I've always taken an interest in different types of fiction, Fantasy in particular. Over time, I realized that I had yet to read a book exactly as I envisioned, and often found myself questioning some of the authors' decisions over the plot and characters. As such, I eventually decided to write a story my own way. That was how Rise of the Last Star came into being as my first series. I have no issue with taking criticism, so feel free to give me any kind of feedback you might want. This response to my writing is absolutely primordial to my improvement as an author and the better I get, the better the stories my readers will get to enjoy. I hope all of you take great pleasure in reading my work and feel always welcome.



Michael David Axtell