Curse the Fae | Podium Audio

Dark Fables: Vicious Faeries

Curse the Fae

Book 3

By: Natalia Jaster

Released: April 30, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 13 hr, 4 min

A monster is holding me prisoner in the land of Faerie.
They call him the lord of the water Fae. I call him a viper.
The tales say Elixir is venomous—and as beautiful as he is brutal. They say he’s a cursed soul who wields dark, sinful magic.
As punishment for stumbling into his dangerous world, the ruler of the river has confined me to an underground realm of serpentine creatures and secret canals.
The key to escape rests with my fatal enemy. To win my freedom, I’ll have to play his wicked mind games—and unlock his greatest weakness.
It’s a risk I must take–even if it means being trapped with my villainous Fae captor. And even if it means fighting off the forbidden heat that ignites between us.
If I don’t make it out alive, his sensual touch might deliver the killing blow.
Curse the Fae is the third book in Natalia Jaster’s sexy fantasy romance series, Dark Fables: Vicious Faeries. If you like heavy steam, forbidden enemies to lovers, and a grumpy sunshine slow burn between a rebellious mortal and a hot, brooding shifter, prepare to swoon like a human. This is a spicy new adult fantasy romance intended for mature listeners.



Natalia Jaster

Natalia Jaster is a fantasy romance author who routinely swoons for the villain. She lives in a dark forest, where she writes spicy books about rakish jesters, immortal deities, and vicious fae. Wicked heroes are her weakness, and rebellious heroines are her best friends.