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Miss Dark’s Apparitions

Dark Clouds

Book 2

By: Suzannah Rowntree

Performed by: Kylie Stewart

Released: July 18, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 11 min

A cursed diamond…a cyborg detective…and a gang of would-be jewel thieves in Victorian London!
All her life, Molly Dark has been haunted by the restless dead—and now she’s finally able to do something about it. When the rich and monstrous take what they want, Miss Dark and her crew steal it back. At least, that’s the idea.
In reality?
In reality, the irritable inventor walks out, saying she doesn’t believe in ghosts and has important scientific research to conduct.
The charming ex-vampire prince is only waiting for the perfect opportunity to stab Molly in the back.
The millionaire American prosthete she’s decided to marry is also a celebrated amateur detective hunting for jewel thieves.
And the fabulous cursed Noor-Jahan diamond isn’t just the key to righting a decades-old wrong—it’s the bait in a fiendish trap.
Miss Dark’s Apparitions continues with a rollicking historical fantasy heist perfect for fans of Leverage and The Parasol Protectorate! Rejoin Miss Dark in the haunted streets of 1890s London…
Contains a special note from the author.



Suzannah Rowntree

Hi! I’m Suzannah Rowntree - author of historical fantasy fiction. I live in a big house in rural Australia with my awesome parents and siblings, drinking fancy tea and writing historical fantasy fiction that blends real-world history with legend, adventure, and a dash of romance. ​If you like the historical fantasy of Gail Carriger, S. A. Chakraborty or Naomi Novik, you'll probably like my stories too!



Kylie Stewart

Kylie Stewart has always loved the stage and reading. When she learned she could combine the two, her career took off. Reading more than 300 audio books in her six-year career, she quickly became a steady voice in the audiobook industry across genres. She jokes she’s booked more for her British accent than her American voice. When not bringing books to life, she lends her voice to various English dubbed Anime, video games, and commercials.