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Miss Dark’s Apparitions

Dark & Stormy

Book 3

By: Suzannah Rowntree

Performed by: Kylie Stewart

Released: April 30, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 2 min

A murdered ballerina…a family of vengeful vampires…and a glittering coronation in Imperial Russia.
Moscow in the springtime is an unhealthy place for a fugitive Grand Duke like Vasily Nikolaevich Romanov. But Molly Dark has been learning to trust the ex-vampire prince, who hasn’t betrayed her quite as often as she expected.
Besides, there are plenty of good reasons to visit Russia this year. There’s the missing ballerina whose unquiet ghost demands justice. There’s the new tsar’s spectacular coronation, which every royal monster in Europe is scheduled to attend. And there’s the irresistible opportunity to get the secret police off Grand Duke Vasily’s trail, once and for all.
It could even go well… if Vasily wasn’t bent on stealing back at least some of his lost fortune out from under the noses of his family, who, in addition to being bloodthirsty vampires, are all completely bonkers.
Never mind about the resentful ex-fiancee he forgot to mention…
The royal monsters are back with a vengeance in Dark & Stormy, a rollicking historical fantasy heist perfect for fans of Leverage and The Parasol Protectorate. Follow Miss Dark to the deadly palaces of Imperial Russia!
Contains a special note from the author.



Suzannah Rowntree

Hi! I’m Suzannah Rowntree - author of historical fantasy fiction. I live in a big house in rural Australia with my awesome parents and siblings, drinking fancy tea and writing historical fantasy fiction that blends real-world history with legend, adventure, and a dash of romance. ​If you like the historical fantasy of Gail Carriger, S. A. Chakraborty or Naomi Novik, you'll probably like my stories too!



Kylie Stewart

Kylie Stewart has always loved the stage and reading. When she learned she could combine the two, her career took off. Reading more than 300 audio books in her six-year career, she quickly became a steady voice in the audiobook industry across genres. She jokes she’s booked more for her British accent than her American voice. When not bringing books to life, she lends her voice to various English dubbed Anime, video games, and commercials.