Dauntless | Podium Audio

Lawless Saga


Book 4

By: Tarah Benner

Performed by: Jennifer O'Donnell

Released: April 17, 2018

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 14 min

Lark is on the run again, pursued by the same agents who betrayed her.
She broke the rules. She has blood on her hands. And she has something they want desperately.
When the gang’s helicopter crashes while landing in the Rio Grande, all their troubles come to a head. Soren is haunted by his discovery at Cheyenne Mountain. His grief is making him bitter and distant, and Lark fears the chasm growing between them. Homeland Security is closing in, and they will stop at nothing to bring Lark into custody.
She and her friends hold the key to ending the famine – a secret GreenSeed kept hidden from the world. But as their situation grows more precarious, Lark realizes she must choose: Turn her back on an unkind world, or expose herself to her enemies and risk a lifetime behind bars.
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Tarah Benner



Jennifer O'Donnell