Demon Valley Marked | Podium Audio

Pretty Little Monster Trilogy

Demon Valley Marked

Book 2

By: Avery Stone

Released: June 21, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 07 hr, 59 min

“Our secrets are out, so why remain enemies? You always knew I was a pretty little monster. Why are you so shocked that I’m a villain?”

Oh, how the tables have turned. With painful truths revealed, I, Alpha Malifer Nightshade, must now face the consequences of my deceit. I played a dangerous game, hoping no one would put the pieces together, but I failed to account for one strong opponent: my fated mate.

When I marked Lex, I didn’t think of the consequences.
Now she’s Demon Valley Marked: a princess of the shadows; a seductive lover who can fulfill my desperate desires; the carrier of half the valley’s power.

If I don’t eliminate my enemy, I’ll end wrapped around her fingers, and who knows what will happen then. With a valley to run, a mafia empire to maintain, and blossoming love I can’t stop, I’m starting to realize what my pretty little monster has become.

If we become the enemies we’re destined to be, the blood of my Demon Queen will be marked upon my hands — for all eternity.

Demon Valley Marked is a full-length paranormal rejected-mates romance. Recommended for 18+ due to mature content.



Avery Stone