Demonic Prince | Podium Audio

Demonic Prince

Demonic Prince

Book 1

By: Karen Kincy

Performed by: Caren Naess

Released: May 21, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 06 hr, 17 min

I shouldn’t be in heat for my enemy, but he’s tall, dark, and demonic.
I’m still a virgin, a dragon shifter who has never been courted by a male. The only men in my life want to murder me. Dragonslayers hunt me relentlessly, and I kill every last one of them. Until Rook invades my cave.
Tall, dark, and demonic, Rook alone has the strength to defeat me. He chains me and collars me with magic, forcing me to shift into a woman. I’m vulnerable and at his mercy.
Worse, he’s an incubus who feeds upon lust, and I’m smoldering with barely restrained desire for my enemy. I refuse to confess the truth: I’m in heat, and soon, the urge to find a mate will become irresistible.
I’m playing with fire. But I’m a dragon. I like fire.
I want him. He needs me.
How dangerous could one night with an incubus be?



Karen Kincy

Karen Kincy writes books when she isn’t writing code. She has a BA in Linguistics and Literature from The Evergreen State College, and an MS in Computational Linguistics from the University of Washington.



Caren Naess

I am the bookworm daughter of an American father and a Norwegian mother, who grew up in Bahrain and Dubai going to a British school. I spent summers in Norway, and speak Norwegian almost fluently. We moved to Wisconsin for high school, and with the desperation of any teenager, I worked hard to fit in by losing that English accent. Moving all over the midwest after a BA in theatre, I began in acting in Chicago where I also co-founded a storefront theatre company. Then Ohio, where I continued acting, and designed, taught, and directed in the theatre department at Antioch College. After Yellow Springs, we moved to Dublin, Ireland where I taught improv to kids at the local community center. Next was London, and I retrained and began teaching English as a second language. It was in Washington DC that I discovered audiobook narration, and all my careers came together!  Now we’re back in London, which feels like home. A cultural mutt, whose love of language, words, and books began in childhood, led to a facility with accents, and shaped several careers. Perhaps this is why I’m drawn to memoir, coming of age, and origin stories of all genres. I am dedicated to bringing each book to life with authenticity and true to the author’s vision.