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Desserts for Stressed People

By: Letizia Lorini

Performed by: Amelie Griffin

Released: April 02, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 48 min

Nothing brings stressed people together like desserts.
Revenge is a dish best served scorching hot. That’s why professionally stressed and dessert-loving Heaven Wilson creates a fake profile on the app her cheating boyfriend is using to find hookups.
When she unexpectedly matches with Shane H, a man who seems as sweet as the baked treats he tempts her with, revenge becomes the least of her problems.
A more pressing issue? Not falling for the man she’s catfishing until she can ditch her unfaithful boyfriend. More pressing still? Shane turns out to be the professionally stressed, intimidating new boss she’s sent to work with. And he has no idea she’s the girl whose messages leave him craving more every night.
With a boyfriend who could doom her to enormous financial debt, a hot and cold irresistible boss complicating her work life, and the intricate web of lies she’s designed for herself, this is the perfect recipe for disaster.
When it turns out Heaven isn’t the only one keeping secrets, will the cookie finally crumble?
Desserts for Stressed People is a steamy, slow-burn, laugh-out-loud story about love, friendship, and sweet treats. It features two stressed workaholics who, relying on each other’s strength, find the courage to chase the happily ever after they deserve.



Letizia Lorini

Letizia Lorini is the author of kissing books with 2000s romcom vibes. Her characters speak fluent sarcasm, and her stories are intricate webs of drama and big feelings with a side of gray morals. Currently based in a quaint town in southern Sweden, but originally Italian, Letizia is a criminologist, speaks three languages and runs on caffeine and sass.



Amelie Griffin

Amy is a professional stage, screen and voice actress living in Connecticut. A proud member of SAG-AFTRA, Amy has narrated over 200 audiobooks and has won an Audiofile Earphones Award. Amy is a classically trained actress and voice actor who uses her wide range of realistic voices and accents to bring her projects to life. Amy has performed in theatres around the world and appeared on television.