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Hot Candy

Dirty Princes

Book 3

By: Jo Raven

Performed by: Ava Erickson, Joe Arden, Sabastion York

Realeased: December 19, 2017

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 11 hr, 26 min

Once upon a time, there lived a princess called Brylee who had a cat and a steady job and her eye on a handsome prince. But Prince Ryan refused to put out.

Then Riddick walked through the door and ate her cookie. Literally, okay? It was a good cookie, too, with chocolate chip.

Riddick is drop-dead gorgeous, but not a prince. Regardless, Brylee can’t fight that burning attraction. Even when Ryan suddenly becomes interested in her.

This isn’t how things were supposed to happen. She was supposed to get a prince, not get caught between a hot prince and a hunky pauper. Come on.

Brylee isn’t above letting two men fight for her. After all, that’s the essence of a good fairytale, right? A fight, a winner, a grand wedding and a happily ever after.

It’s fine. After all, she doesn’t want them both. At the same time. In her bed. Like, ever.


A sexy new standalone novel from New York Times Bestselling Author Jo Raven. Dirty Princes is a laugh-out loud tale about a funny girl, her cat, and her two super-hot boys.

Author note: This book is funny, but also dark and angsty. It is NOT a love triangle. It is a relationship between three people (and a cat) with a happy ending.



Ava Erickson



Joe Arden



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