Domesticating the Alien | Podium Audio

Beastly Alien Boss

Domesticating the Alien

Book 5

By: Ava Ross

Released: August 29, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 05 hr, 57 min

I’ve been hired to teach an alien warrior social skills to woo a mate. But now he’s trying to woo me.
When the elderly duchess I cared for dies, her slimy son—my ex—tells me he wants me back. Um, no. I flee, and at the Intergalactic Employment Agency, I’m offered a job teaching an alien warlord sophistication so he can woo a mate at the upcoming Match-Mating Soiree. If anyone can domesticate a brute, it’s me.
In between teaching Forje how to converse politely and dance without crushing his partner’s tail, he shares his battle scars and unusual poetry. He’s sweetly cute in a gruff, grumbly way, and it’s not long before I see he’s awesome, even if he doesn’t know which fork to use with the main course.
But when we arrive at the Match-Mating Soiree and alien females cluster around him, I’ll lose the guy I’m coming to adore. Unless I can convince him to domesticate me.
Domesticating the Alien is book five in the Beastly Alien Boss Series. Each book is loosely connected and features an Earth woman hired for an off-world job who meets an alien who can’t resist falling for his fated mate.



Ava Ross