Down to Earth | Podium Audio

By: Alana Khan

Released: July 18, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 11 min

Without A’Dar’s help, Maya won’t last an hour.
Without access to her blood, neither will he.
Pitted against hundreds of competitors whose only mission is to viciously kill their opponents, Maya must strike a deal with the scariest male she could ever imagine.
What starts as an unholy bargain results in a deliciously erotic soul connection deeper than either of them dared to dream.
How will they survive when everything is rigged against them?
Are you brave enough to join Maya and A’Dar on their harrowing journey as they dodge death and discover their profound attraction?
Down to Earth is a gritty standalone novel in the Galaxy Games Hostile Planet Alien Romance series. It is intended for mature listeners.



Alana Khan

My sexy heroes inhabit my dreams and insist I put their love stories on the page. Most of my books happen in outer space, but the emotions and struggles could happen to anyone. Well, not the villains who look like snakes, or the spaceships, or the lion-men, or… well, okay, maybe none of this could happen to you. But you can go there with me when you read my books.