Dragon Hunted | Podium Audio

The Dragon of 23rd Street

Dragon Hunted

Book 2

By: Kenley Davidson

Performed by: Cris Dukehart

Released: December 19, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 21 min

What’s worse than a fae prince with murder on his mind? How about a family reunion… with dragons?
The good news is I survived the murderous fae prince. I also found my aunt and embraced my inner dragon. Everything should be going great, right?
If only. My aunt has disappeared again, I haven’t heard from Draven in months, and the Fae Court wants to question me about their prince’s death. To make matters worse, there’s a gargoyle terrorizing my customers, my savings are running out, and I may lose the bookstore unless I can find a second job.
So, of course, that’s when fate decides I have it too easy, and my path suddenly collides with the one person I’ve been running from for nineteen years—also known as Mom.
My whole life, I’ve been told my family wants me dead, but the truth turns out to be a lot murkier than that. The only way to get to the bottom of all the lies is to take a little field trip to the dragon enclave, where I’ll be surrounded by stubborn, suspicious, short-tempered lizards, most of them not very happy to find out I’m still alive.
I’m about to get a crash course in dragon politics—which is just like regular politics, but louder. And with fire.
Lucky me.
_Dragon Hunted _is the second book in an urban fantasy trilogy featuring snarky dragons, dangerous fae, and sweet, slow-burn romance. An action-packed listen that’s perfect for fans of K. M. Shea, Shari L. Tapscott, or Annette Marie!



Kenley Davidson

Kenley is a fantasy and science fiction author who loves to write clean romance, complex characters, and surprising plot twists. Her worlds (both real and imagined) are largely fueled by coffee, more coffee, and books (plus the occasional cup of tea). She currently resides in Oklahoma with her husband, two kids and two dogs, and believes everything is better with dragons.



Cris Dukehart