Drone | Podium Audio

The Gift


Book 2

By: Marc Stapleton

Performed by: Andrew Tell

Released: January 02, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

After a cataclysmic end to his time as a freedom fighter, Kris finds himself captured, blindfolded, and awaiting a bullet. 
He comes to believe this may be it—his end is near—only to discover his kidnappers are fellow Americans.
It’s soon revealed that the CIA has monitored him for a while, and after quickly learning of his misdeeds in Aljarran, they capture him before the nation’s warring factions can, only to throw him in a black site prison. They know nothing of his true powers but find him—and the stories of his heroics—intriguing nonetheless…
Kris soon learns that they wish to make him an offer. They tell him they’ll release him on one condition: that he assassinates a disloyal former agent, a man who betrayed his former friends to become a big-time player in the South American drug trade…
With the ghosts of Aljarran still haunting him, will Kris become the CIA’s monster for hire?



Marc Stapleton



Andrew Tell