Dungeon Expedition | Podium Audio

The Fallen World

Dungeon Expedition

Book 2

By: Playwars aka Alex S. Weber

Performed by: Mare Trevathan

Released: November 28, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 38 min

One more step toward vengeance, but another toward war.
Alexandra’s dungeon has finally been discovered. As news of her existence ripples through the world, empires and kingdoms take notice… and prepare for war.
Her isolated dungeon sits between two nations with a rivalry centuries in the making, and neither is willing for the other to control the powerful dungeon that could link their war-torn nations. The Republic will do whatever it takes to enslave her, even if it means an all-out invasion.
For Alexandra to keep her freedom, she’ll have to form a questionable alliance with a pair of former enemy adventurers, all while preparing for a secret war of her own. While the humans squabble in the light, she is building an army in the dark.
She will be no one’s pawn, and she intends to use her new powers and superior forces to find her friends and get vengeance on the ones who took them.



Playwars aka Alex S. Weber

Alex S. Weber is an ex-programming student living in France. A fan of science fiction, fantasy, and especially anything that mixed the two, Alex started writing in 2012 and working on various creative universes ever since. In 2020 they started writing the webnovel The Fallen World, which evolved into their first full length novel series, using a blend of world building, engineering and socio-economics to create a believable world mixing magic and technology.



Mare Trevathan

Mare Trevathan (she/her) is the narrator of over 800 audiobooks, recording for Podium, Dreamscape, National Library Service, Audible and others. She is a Voice & Text Coach at Colorado Shakespeare Festival and the Arvada Center for the Arts; and teaches Voice Over at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. She has deep experience performing Shakespeare, but also loves new and non-traditional performance. In recent years, she performed in “Blind Date”-- pairing one audience member to one actor as they wandered the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art; directed microtheater in a bookstore and Denver’s central library for OFF Center (the immersive theater wing of the Tony-winning Denver Center for the Performing Arts where David Byrne developed “Theater of the Mind”) ; and worked with architects in Ahmedabad, India creating “dance about buildings''. She’s an Associate Artist with Local Theater Company, where she will direct “UNDONE: The Lady M Project” (which she co-wrote) this spring. Board member, IDEA Stages.