Dylan's Journey | Podium Audio

The Evans Family Saga

Dylan’s Journey

Book 1

By: C.J. Petit

Performed by: Jim Meskimen

Released: July 06, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 55 min

Dylan knew that the boiler was about to blow apart, and if he didn’t act fast, he and the others in the pump room at the number three mine would all die.
In his haste to escape a scalding death, the engine operator panicked and fell. Dylan lifted his heavy shovel as high as his 12-year-old arms could manage and swung at the thundering machine. It could’ve killed him, but he had to try. As the shovel’s steel head slammed into the machine, it set in motion a series of events that would shape his entire life.



C.J. Petit

Despite all of the books that I’ve written since I started at the tail end of 2016, I’m still reticent to refer to myself as an author because it sounds so grandiose. I see myself as something much different. If I had my druthers, I’d use it on my income tax forms, but I don’t believe the IRS has a code for ‘yarn-spinner’., I started writing when I was almost 67 because I was bored. I didn't intend to even publish my books because they were just to keep my mind busy. My daughter insisted I put them online but didn't beleive that anyone would read them. After finishing my 72nd book in four years and having sold over a million, I guess she was smarter than her old father.



Jim Meskimen