Electric Angel | Podium Audio

Cyber Dreams

Electric Angel

Book 1

By: Plum Parrot

Performed by: Suzy Jackson

Released: August 15, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 14 hr, 59 min

Enter a frighteningly familiar dystopian world with the first book of a new series from the author of Falling with Folded Wings and Victor of Tucson.
In the year 2107, the world has both made astounding leaps forward and reduced humanity to its most basic existence. While the megacorps and those who rule them enjoy lives of extraordinary comfort and ease, most people barely scrape by, doing whatever they can to keep going.
Juliet Bianchi is one of the latter. She works cutting metal in a scrapyard and doesn’t have much to show for it except for a small group of equally bereft, fiercely loyal friends. Still, she maintains a bright disposition, possessing more hope and optimism than anyone would expect her to—and she’s going to need it . . .
When Juliet stumbles upon what looks like a botched kidnapping, the victim dispatches his abductors and lives just long enough to give her a stolen AI chip. This gift soon transforms Juliet from a worker bee into a killer queen. Armed with far more power and skill than she can comprehend—let alone control—she finds herself drawn into a shadowy world where survival itself counts as victory.
Juliet has never been one to push people around. But when it comes to fighting the corrupt corporate overlords, she’s more than happy to push back.
The first volume of the hit cyberpunk series—with more than a million views on Royal Road—now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Audible! 



Plum Parrot

Plum Parrot is the pen name of author Miles Gallup, who grew up in Southern Arizona and spent much of his youth wandering around the Sonoran Desert, hunting imaginary monsters and building forts. He studied creative writing at the University of Arizona and, for a number of years, attempted to teach middle schoolers to love literature and write their own stories. If he’s not spending time with his dog, you can find Gallup writing, reading his favorite authors, or playing D&D with friends and family. 



Suzy Jackson