Empress of Fae | Podium Audio

Blood of a Fae

Empress of Fae

Book 3

By: Briar Boleyn

Released: June 04, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 14 hr, 57 min

"Shattered or whole. Kneeling or standing. I’ll get to her, and I won’t ever leave. This time, I’ll make her understand what we are together. And if anyone dares to hurt her, I’ll burn them to the ground without a second thought."
Divided by oceans but eternally bonded.
Morgan Pendragon has another name now: Morgan Le Fay. As her true heritage slowly emerges from the mists of the past, Morgan renounces one possible future as the new ruler of the fierce Siabra fae and the wife of the Prince of Claws and vanishes through a portal—returning to Camelot and the Rose Court, where her friends and younger brother lie in mortal peril from Arthur’s cruel wiles.
But back in the Court of Claws, Kairos Draven won’t allow his beloved to disappear from his life so easily. His bond with Morgan goes beyond blood, love, life, and even time itself, and neither one of them can relinquish its power or its pull.
Yet Morgan is no ordinary woman. Not only is she beginning to manifest remarkable abilities, but the powers of the gods themselves run through her veins, bestowing her with unimaginable power and an unthinkable claim over all of Aercanum and beyond…
A claim that some will stop at nothing to put a halt to…
Empress of Fae is the third installment in an epic dark fantasy romance series that tells the story of Morgan Le Fay, King Arthur’s sister. This enemies-to-lovers series is perfect for fans of unique magic systems, magical creatures, and witty banter and is sure to appeal to fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout, Raven Kennedy, Rebecca Yarros, Carissa Broadbent, and Sarah J. Maas. Intended for mature listeners.



Briar Boleyn

Briar Boleyn is the fantasy romance pen name of USA TODAY bestselling author Fenna Edgewood. Briar rules over a kingdom of feral wildling children with a dark fae prince as her consort. When she isn't busy bringing new worlds to life, she can be found playing RPG video games, watching the birds at her bird feeder and pretending she's Snow White, or being sucked into a captivating book. Her favorite stories are the ones full of danger, magic, and true love.