Every 9 Minutes | Podium Audio

Every 9 Minutes

By: Christina Vitagliano

Performed by: Paige Reisenfeld

Released: December 05, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 58 min

A chilling and heartbreaking account of the darkest realities of childhood abuse.
With poignant prose and a deeply authentic personal story, this harrowing account exposes the stark and painful realities of childhood abuse, painting a heart-breaking picture of the lasting pain and fear that it inflicts on its victims.
Spanning 30 years, in this coming-of-age memoir, author Christina Vitagliano recounts in vivid detail the frightening nights spent when her father loomed in the doorway of her bedroom, along with the psychological toll that the relentless familial abuse took on her psyche. Told with honesty, openness, and incredible attention to detail, Every 9 Minutes is an eye-opening memoir that delves into the depths of abuse and reveals how one woman learned to retake control of her life and emerge victorious.
Contrasting the seemingly ordinary charm of typical childhood memories with the proverbial monster lurking just beneath the surface, this deeply moving account dispels the darkness around abuse and lays the horrors bare for all to see, showing that even the most normal-looking family could have secrets hiding in the shadows.
Despite dysfunctional relationships and the soul-crushing torment of sexual exploitation, Every 9 Minutes is a testament to the power of perseverance, showing how Christina emerged from her pain and trauma to build a life of purpose and happiness. With an empowering call to action, she encourages other sufferers of childhood abuse to step forward and take control of their lives, channeling their pain into motivation and refusing to let their trauma define them.



Christina Vitagliano



Paige Reisenfeld