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Fate Hollow Academy

Fate Hollow Academy: Term 4

Book 4

By: Lyra Winters

Performed by: Bridget Bordeaux, Jake Bordeaux

Released: May 16, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 37 min

Hostility hit a peak during Term 4 of Fate Hollow Academy.
Supernaturals split with opinions for the hierarchy being abolished, sowing seeds of discord in an already divided people. The dragons of Blezen implanted their DNA into their supernatural allies, but their plan wasn’t producing the dragon mutation they’d expected. Their only hope to have the dragon utopia they craved was to take possession of the supernatural relic.
The humans and supernaturals fought at the site for the supernatural relic, a relic capable of wiping magic from Kalista. The three sides of this war were at perilous odds, but whoever ended up with the relic would win the war.
But the war wasn’t the only threat. My rejected mate altered his course with the dragons and desired to corrupt me with the dark magic running through his veins so we could make a new type of supernatural—supernaturals that wielded dark magic. I may have strengthened my magic and ability to fight, but fighting against dark magic itself was inconceivable.
We had most of the supernaturals on our side. Numbers didn’t always equal strength, but when a new faction appeared with someone I’d thought I had lost, they came with inside knowledge and the technology needed to destroy the supernatural relic.
Fate Hollow Academy Term 4 is book is the final book in the Fate Hollow Academy Series. It is a paranormal why-choose romance that contains mature subject matter that may not be suitable for all listeners.



Lyra Winters

Lyra is a Kentucky woman who has escaped fully into the book world. When she's not typing away on her laptop, daydreaming book ideas, or devouring stories, she's taking care of her two spunky daughters and loving on her dreamy husband. There's something about the paranormal side of things with romance and spice that makes a reader feel warm and fuzzy inside!



Bridget Bordeaux



Jake Bordeaux