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Fates Parallel

Fates Parallel: Vol. 4

Book 4

By: DarkTechnomancer

Performed by: Cindy Kay

Released: July 04, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 22 hr, 55 min

The world of cultivation is bigger than they ever imagined.
After the apocalyptic descent of gods and demons upon their world, Jia and Eui find themselves embroiled in a conflict beyond their wildest imaginations. Emerging from two years of forced training in the unclaimed wilderness, the two outcasts must return to the nation that rejected them, reconnect with their old lives, and somehow gain the support of an entire nation. The fate of the world might just depend on it.
Yoshika’s adventures continue in this progression fantasy adventure about friendship, love, self-discovery, personal growth, and, of course, magical martial arts!




I'm an author with eclectic tastes. My driving goal as an author is to use my stories as a way to explore interesting or unusual topics, and I'll write in whatever genre lets me do that.



Cindy Kay