Fire and Fury | Podium Audio

Ruins of the Earth

Fire and Fury

Book 6

Performed by: Christopher Ryan Grant

Released: May 07, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

An empire at war. A planet under siege. And a cheeky blaster rifle who wants to rid the galaxy of flounders.
Following their successful escape from Androchida Prime’s capital city, Sir Chuck and the rest of the Phantoms find themselves mystified by unsettling news. The leader of the Blood Guard resistance, framed General Cordan, has defected to the AE. But while many doubt the veracity of the development, more pressing intel awaits: the empire is planning to invade the Sci-Rung home world.
Despite the tragic loss of his best friend, Wic is determined now more than ever to capitalize on the empire’s move against the Sci-Rung. Not only does the massive military campaign present several opportunities to infiltrate the enemy’s highest echelons, but it also allows the team to recon claims about General Cordan’s strange disappearance.
However, when Wic and his surviving Phantoms embark on their mission, they uncover startling new intel that places entire civilizations at risk. Outnumbered and overpowered, the heroes soon find themselves pitted against impossible odds.
Will Wic, Chuck, and the Phantoms be able to thwart the enemy? Or will the Androchidan Empire succeed in breaking their spirits once and for all, forever crushing the last of humanity’s pitiful rebellion?
Find out in this climactic installation of the hit series that has taken the military sci-fi genre by storm.



Christopher Ryan Grant