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First Line of Defense

First Line of Defense

Book 1

By: Benjamin Kerei

Performed by: Travis Baldree

Released: October 03, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 19 min

Earth was invaded. Earth was conquered. And humanity was summarily subjugated, as 400,000,000 people were culled.
The terrifying part was this only took the Peacekeepers a second. There wasn’t even a chance for us to fight back. In the blink of an eye, questions like whether or not we’re alone in the universe or at the top of the food chain were answered. We were not. Not by a long shot.
Despite the mass murder, the Peacekeepers promise they’re benevolent. They don’t want to rule Earth. They don’t want to control humanity. They just want us to stop playing around with AI and genetics.
Willing or unwilling, Morgan and the rest of humanity are now members of the Collective. And like every species in the Collective, they have to learn to play the Game.
What do you do when an AI offers you the opportunity to play the greatest tower defense game the universe has ever created? You accept, of course.
Learning the rules and finding a way to survive can come later. Morgan certainly thinks so.
When aliens are attacking your station and giant, six-eyed rats are eating your robotic face, you start to have your doubts. Accidentally starting a war doesn’t help, either. But what are you going to do? You’re the first line of defense—and you’ve got a job to do.



Benjamin Kerei

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Travis Baldree