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Fluff: A Wholesome LitRPG

Book 1

By: RavensDagger

Performed by: Emma Galvin

Released: August 02, 2022

Language: English

Duration: 12 hr, 19 min

A socially anxious college student discovers she has superpowers—and they need babysitting—in the first book of an original superhero series.

Power Day occurs every year on September 15th. Across the world, formerly regular people awaken with superhuman abilities—and labels to go with them. They become the next generation of Heroes…and Villains.

September 15th is also Emily Wright’s first day on campus. While everyone else is out celebrating the start of their college career, Emily’s hiding in her dorm room. She wonders if it’s possible to earn a degree while completely avoiding eye contact with anyone.

All she wants is to learn a little and maybe get over her anxiety. Instead, she’s granted a superpower and categorized as villainous. So, Emily panics—and inadvertently conjures up a pint-size supervillain sidekick.

Emily has no intention of doing anything—evil or otherwise—with her powers. And if she has to babysit an increasing number of “little sisters” in order to stay under the radar, so be it.

But can Emily gain control of her life, or will she drown in a sea of supervillainy and cuddles?




RavensDagger is a Canadian writer who wants to make people smile; the best way to do that, he found, is by pecking away at a keyboard and hoping for the best.