Footwizard | Podium Audio



Book 13

By: Terry Mancour

Performed by: John Lee

Released: November 16, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 26 hr, 18 min

The Spellmonger series continues with a search for answers in The Lost Land of Anghysbel….
After winning two wars against the Nemovorti, Minalan plans an expedition to The Lost Valley of Anghysbel, in the far north of his realm. It’s there, in the caldera of a supervolcano at the edge of the tundra, he suspects many of the answers he so desperately needs might be hidden. The only problem is that thanks to the anti-magical properties of the jevolar, his spells won’t work; he’ll be without magic for the first time since he came into his Talent. On this quest for the knowledge to save the world, the stakes are too high to be concerned about such things.┬áMinalan seeks the knowledge he needs, no matter the price.
The Footwizard, Fondaras the Wise, has been to the realm of the jevolar four times in his long life. He knows the way, and he knows the great dangers of the non-magical land. He warns that Anghysbel is filled with forgotten creatures and lost races that have hidden from the world for eons. That doesn’t dissuade the Spellmonger – it’s a challenge. But once he’s there, Minalan’s expedition discovers a unique land filled with forgotten secrets.
Dark powers more ancient than the world dwell in exotic Anghysbel, powers that would speed Callidore’s destruction, not work for its salvation. Minalan the Spellmonger has to consider carefully if he’s willing to pay the price to save the world…and the cost of that bargain may well be his life.



Terry Mancour

Terry Mancour is a New York Times Best-Selling Author who has written more than 30 books, under his own name and pseudonyms, including Star Trek: The Next Generation #20, Spartacus, the Spellmonger Series (more than 11 books and growing), among other works. He was born in Flint, Michigan in 1968 (according to his mother) and wisely relocated to North Carolina in 1978 where he embraced Southern culture and its dedication to compelling narratives and intriguing characterizations. He attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he majored in Religious Studies. Terry, his beautiful wife and three children live just outside of Durham, N.C. atop Red Mountain. He was nominated for the 2018 Audie Award for Best Fantasy for the audiobook for Spellmonger (narrated by John Lee), the first book in his Spellmonger Series. He has plotted the Spellmonger Series for at least thirty books, in addition to his Spellmonger Cadet (young adult) series, stand-alone novels, short stories and novellas set within the Spellmonger Universe, all of which will be published by Podium as audiobooks. He is also the author of a series of sequels to Golden Age sci-fi master H. Beam Piper's novel, Space Viking, as well as original sci-fi novels.



John Lee