Force of Justice | Podium Audio

By: J.J. Miller

Released: June 04, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 07 hr, 29 min

One of LA’s most powerful men is charged with murder, and criminal attorney Brad Madison is called to defend him. But murder is only the start of their problems…
In this first installment of the Brad Madison novel series, Madison finds himself defending Patrick Strickland against a mounting evidence base. Despite Strickland claiming he has no criminal connections, there are clear signs his involvement in organized crime runs deep.
When the case receives national attention, the underbelly of power in LA is thrown into the limelight.
Madison fights desperately to find the one piece of evidence that will prove his client’s innocence.
But where there’s power, there’s danger. The further Madison digs for the truth, the more he puts his life at risk.
In a case full of twists and turns, Madison confronts one of the most difficult challenges of his career.
Will justice triumph? Or will the power of LA’s dark forces send Madison to an early grave?



J.J. Miller

I grew up devouring fiction, so when I made a career in journalism I always dreamed of crafting novels. Finally, I gave it a shot and saw my first novel top Amazon's Pulp Fiction list. Now, with multiple novels under my belt, I balance writing with fatherhood. When I’m not mapping out the next book or trying to hit my daily word count, I'm out on the bike trails or at the beach with my kids.