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Her Dark Obsessions Duet

Found by Her Monsters: Goddess of Nightmares

Book 1

By: Avery Song

Released: October 11, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 52 min

What if I could make your worst nightmares a reality?
When I was five, they told me I was cursed. When I was ten, they accused me of killing my entire pack. When I was fifteen, I ran away in hopes of escaping my past.
I left everything—and everyone—behind.
By twenty, I’d moved on in every way. New name, new city, a chance at a fresh start. By twenty-five, I was a healer to a pack of nightmare wolves, and whatever my curse, they were immune to its wrath. For once, I was happy: in love with not just my powerful Alpha, but his Beta and Sentinel Guard. Life was challenging, but my past was finally forgotten…
until my monsters found me.
You can run, but you can’t hide from the darkness. Where there is darkness, there is light, but that’s the problem. The Goddess of Darkness was murdered by the Goddess of Light, and I’m next up on the chopping block. If I don’t partner with my monsters to reveal the secrets hidden within me, all the creatures of the dark will perish, including the men I love.
It’s time for me to unlock who I really am: the heir to the throne of shadows.
Found By Her Monsters is a paranormal monster romance filled with steamy scenes, action, suspense, and thrilling drama between two paranormal worlds. All sexual encounters are consensual.



Avery Song