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From Nantucket, With Love

Book 4

By: Katie Winters

Performed by: Erin Bennett

Released: August 29, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 05 hr, 16 min

The Copperfield family celebrates the holidays for the first time in twenty-five years—but secrets from the past continue to haunt them.
Christmas was always Greta Copperfield’s favorite time of year. Memories from that first Christmas with Bernard in Paris are some of her favorite—times before marriage, before children, and even before the Copperfield house, when the love she had for Bernard was the only thing she really understood.
But all that was so long ago. Now, as the world comes to terms with the fact that Bernard Copperfield spent twenty-five years in prison for crimes that he did not commit, Greta stirs with confusion about her own past and future. Still, she welcomes back the entirety of the Copperfield family for a holiday season none of them will ever forget.
Can she and Bernard find a way to love one another again, even after so much time apart? Can her children truly find a way to heal after so many years of trauma?
Dive into book four of this women’s fiction series set on the Island of Nantucket—a glorious world of beautiful beaches, frothing waves, cobblestone streets, and a beloved cast of characters. The series tells the story of the Copperfield family, their return to Nantucket Island, and their healing after decades of pain and loneliness. Together, they can be better than ever before.



Katie Winters



Erin Bennett