Gargoyles Just Want to Have Fun | Podium Audio

Gargoyles Just Want to Have Fun

Book 3

By: Ava Ross

Performed by: Felicity Munroe, Mason Lloyd

Released: October 31, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 04 hr, 16 min

There’s more to being a gargoyle’s wife than just saying, "I do."
While struggling to raise my little sister, I suddenly inherit a run-down B&B from a grandmother I didn’t know existed. The only condition to inherit is that I marry and live with my husband for a year.
One problem: I’m not dating, and the only one I want to propose to is the gargoyle I’ve been crushing on for months. When I explain, Goreg offers a marriage of convenience with a quickie divorce at the end. He’s sweet and shy, and with his muscular frame and glorious wings, I’m kind of blown away by his offer, even if he does occasionally turn to stone and lurk on the roof.
I’ve got one year to convince Goreg we have a chance at forever. But then his brothers and wolf shifter best friend move in to help fix up the B&B, and it’s one cultural mishap after another. When the year is up, I’ll have to decide. Do I want to be single again or remain a gargoyle’s bride?
Gargoyles Just Want to Have Fun is set in the Monsterville, USA world. Each book is standalone and can be enjoyed in any order. Expect romantic hijinks with monsters, heat, and a happily ever after.



Ava Ross



Felicity Munroe

Felicity Munroe/Erin Moon, is an award-winning narrator of close to 400 books. She is s classically trained actor who has been narrating since 2009 and acting for over 20 years. Felicity has narrated everything from sweet to spice romances. She has been the narrator alongside Sean Criden on the acclaimed Ice Home Series by Rudy Dixon and recently started on the Bag Guy Series. Felicity has narrated books with Joe Arden, Stephen Dexter, Aaron Shedlock, Sebastian York, Teddy Hamilton, and more. She is celebrated for her humor, honesty, and heart as well as characterization and accent work.



Mason Lloyd

Mason Lloyd is a prolific narrator of romance and erotica from the great Pacific Northwest. He does both solo narration and multiple-POV romance novels and stories in multiple sub-genres of romance and erotic fiction, including "bad boy"/MC romances, paranormal romances, "shifter" romances, and quite a long list of alien/SF romances.