Girls Missing | Podium Audio

Rainey Paxton Series

Girls Missing

Book 3

By: Paige Dearth

Performed by: Lisa Larsen

Released: November 07, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 15 hr, 2 min

Some people die long before their heart stops beating.
Rainey Paxton is convinced there is a link between the disappearances of several women and her friend Winnie. Her obsession leads her back to the mysterious house where she said goodbye to Winnie years prior. Rainey is certain there is something sinister about the man who took her friend to Florida.
Meanwhile, seventeen-year-old Dakota Jagger is on her own, looking for shelter. While roaming the city streets, Dakota meets a charming and persuasive man who offers to help her. This is the same man who stalks women and keeps them as his own. Dakota does not know the man she trusts is a serial killer until she wakes up in a cold, dark place with no recollection of how she got there.
The only hope for any survivors is if Rainey Paxton has enough fire in her belly to feed her craving to find Winnie.
Intended for mature listeners.



Paige Dearth

#1 Amazon bestselling author Paige Dearth is a survivor of child abuse. Through grit and pure determination she set out to provide a look inside the pain and suffering caused by childhood trauma through her novels. Paige writes real-life horror and refers to her work as Fiction with Meaning. She hopes that her fictional stories will create awareness for prevention and intervention. Paige writes stories about young children who need to overcome adversity and then take you on their life’s journey. You will shed tears of joy, grief, rage, and horror. She wants her readers to be thinking about the story long after they have turned the last page. Paige believes that society should not look the other way because a subject seems too difficult to handle and to remember that people live through these real-life horrors. Paige lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her husband Mike, and dog, Benny. Her debut novel, Believe Like A Child, was the catalyst for her writing platform. The beginning of Believe Like A Child is based on events from Paige’s childhood. Paige’s novels present a fine balance between what lives on in her imagination and the evil that lurks in the real world. Paige’s favorite motto is:  “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” ~Benjamin Franklin



Lisa Larsen