Godseye | Podium Audio


Book 2

Performed by: Nikki Massoud

Released: April 25, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 14 hr, 4 min

My name is Vayo, and I am no longer a slave.
I have ascended, assuming the mantle of Grae god. I wield elemental power now, and with Traba, an enormous storm bird, at my side, I set out to finally see my people set free.
And yet, I am not the only one wielding unnatural strength. In his desperation, Cyrus brokered a deal with the darkest of the Undergods. If I am to defeat the King and his newfound power, I must locate the other ascendants. Only with them at my side can I restore balance. To find them, I need a relic lost to both time and sand.
The Godseye is the key. What it shows me might just be the biggest surprise yet.



Nikki Massoud

NIKKI MASSOUD is an actor and audiobook narrator based in Brooklyn. Her television work includes Succession (HBO), Emergence (ABC), Mozart in the Jungle (Amazon), and Madam Secretary (CBS). Her stage credits include Sam Gold's production of OTHELLO at New York Theatre Workshop, alongside Daniel Craig and David Oyelowo, and regional work at The Old Globe, Berkeley Rep, The Huntington Theatre Company, and Portland Center Stage. Nikki has narrated over 30 audiobooks, currently available on Audible. She is a graduate of the Brown University/Trinity Rep MFA Program, Georgetown University, and BADA (British-American Drama Academy.)