Green Dungeon | Podium Audio

Green Dungeon

Book 1

By: M.E. Merrell

Released: February 27, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 10 hr, 2 min

Master Gardener Jennifer Conners is transported to a magical world to rebuild a dungeon filled with fairies and nymphs.
Unfortunately, a past enemy of the dungeon will stop at nothing to destroy her.
The Green Dungeon has lain dormant for thirty years. Now, a new Garden Core has been discovered. Jennifer Conners, a human with a trace of elfin blood, has been brought to the garden. Armed with only her knowledge of plants, her love of nature, and a Garden Fairy named River, Jennifer must rebuild the garden or perish.
However, just as Jennifer realizes being a Garden Core might be her true calling in life, a villain threatens her very existence. He brings a magical weapon with extraordinary powers and a raging desire for revenge.
But Jennifer is no ordinary Garden Core. She’s armed with modern science, futuristic horticulture, and the help of her son’s adventuring group.
Can a new, unconventional Garden Core and an inexperienced group of adventurers defeat a man fueled by hate? The fate of her world hangs in the balance.



M.E. Merrell