Handcuffing the Alien | Podium Audio

Beastly Alien Boss

Handcuffing the Alien

Book 6

By: Ava Ross

Released: October 10, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 06 hr, 9 min

My alien hero not only wants to rescue me— he wants to claim me too.
Wrongfully convicted of murder and sentenced to hard labor on an alien prison planet, I think my life is over. Until my rescue comes in the form of my older brother’s best friend, Shaede—a blue-skinned alien who broke my heart years ago. But he gets caught too, and before you know it, we’re handcuffed together and locked in a cell with only one bunk.
Shaede is determined to save us, no matter the cost. In the meantime, he plans to convince me that he made a big mistake turning me down. He wants to claim me as his mate…
Handcuffing the Alien is book six in the Beastly Alien Boss series. Each book is loosely connected and features an Earth woman hired for an off-world job who meets a gruff alien who can’t resist falling for his fated mate.



Ava Ross