Hawklady | Podium Audio

Spellmonger Cadet


Book 2

By: Terry Mancour

Performed by: Finty Williams

Released: September 10, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 53 min

When Lenodara the Hawkmaiden — Dara, to her friends — was made an apprentice to the foremost wizard in the world, Minalan the Spellmonger, Magelord of her native land of Sevendor, she thought that the adventurous life was behind her. She looked forward to a long, boring career of learning how to read and taking magic lessons … but Dara’s life as the Spellmonger’s new apprentice is anything but boring!

Within days of assuming her new duties, a goblin invasion in the distant land of Gilmora compels Minalan to gather his forces to repel it … and that means Dara, too. Her unique ability to use the ancient Alka Alon weapon, the Thoughtful Knife, may be the only way to thwart the invasion — and combat the dragons that have ravaged the castles of the land.

But the battlefield is just the beginning of her new adventure, and she finds the aristocracy of the city of Barrowbell is as challenging as a goblin attack. But new adventures lead Dara to new friends in the unlikeliest of places on her way to becoming the Hawklady!



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