Heart of the Storm | Podium Audio


Heart of the Storm

Book 2

By: Persimmon

Performed by: Jesse Vilinsky

Released: August 20, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Dorea has powers no mage in living memory could match, but when war threatens her village, can she push beyond her limits to save them all? 
When fourteen-year-old Dorea endured the trial of Mother’s Wrath, she hoped to be the recipient of one of its three elemental powers: water, lightning, or wind. To her surprise, she was the first in her village to be gifted all three, making her the most powerful mage of her generation. But outside peaceful Whitecliff, the winds of war are blowing once again.
Soon, monsters encroach upon the village’s borders as barbarian tribes battle in the north, sparking conflict across the entire region. Meanwhile, Dorea throws herself into mastering protection spells, wards, and rituals, studying under Voggo the shaman. But despite her extraordinary abilities, when faced with creatures beyond her ken, she finds herself at fate’s mercy.
Now, with the bulk of the Mondean army threatening Whitecliff and tribes in the south harassing her allies, Dorea will have to dig deeper than ever before in order to answer the challenge they pose and save her village. 
The first volume of the hit progression-fantasy series—with more than 300,000 views on Royal Road—now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Audible!




Persimmon is the author of the Sapiens series, originally released on Royal Road. He has written fantasy stories for more than a decade and more recently began to specialize in the gamelit and progression fantasy subgenres. His work centers on themes of magical experimentation and adventure as well as exploration of the human psyche.



Jesse Vilinsky

Jesse has narrated over 200 audiobooks, including many fantasy novels. She is quite adept at a range of accents, and loves world building with the listener. She also works in video games, VO for film and tv, and has done A LOT of english dubbing for Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime.