Heck's Valley | Podium Audio

Heck’s Valley

Book 2

By: John Deacon

Performed by: Jim Meskimen

Released: July 18, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 06 hr, 46 min

Explore a valley of wonder, mystery, and peril…
As a mountain man and cavalry scout, Heck Martin handled every challenge on the Western frontier.
Now, however, he must care not only for himself but also for his beloved Hope, her family, and his adopted brother, Seeker, in a remote wilderness populated by hostile Indians, bandits, and predators.
Most men would crumble under these circumstances, but Heck has enough love and courage to forge a new destiny in this mighty land. Filled with tough optimism and a pioneering spirit, he vows to master the wilderness.
There is much to do.
Timber to cut. Cabins to build. Game to hunt. Land to plow and plant. A claim to stake. Caves to explore. A trading post to build. And hopefully, a happy wedding to share with the young woman he loves.
But Indians are moving through the land, and a gigantic grizzly is on the prowl. Meanwhile, 1850 brings record numbers of emigrants across the Oregon Trail. Not all are prepared, and as travel season comes to an end, a group of straggling emigrants limps into the valley, seeking sanctuary.
Heck and Hope agree to help, but not everyone should be trusted…
Heck’s Valley is a classic Western with a touch of romance, perfect for fans of C.J. Petit and R.O. Lane.



John Deacon

I was born six months before man landed on the moon. I was blessed to grow up in the country, where my family lived largely off the land. When I wasn’t fishing, exploring the woods, or weeding the garden, I devoured comic books like Two-Gun Kid and The Rawhide Kid before moving on to the exciting adventure stories of Jack London and Louis L’Amour. Our black-and-white TV got three channels, though you could lose one and pick up another if you went outside and messed with the antenna. On its grainy screen, we watched Gunsmoke, Bonanza, and movies starring John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. Now a husband and father, I love exploring the West and reading history and fiction alike. My favorite authors are Louis L’Amour, Elmore Leonard, C.J. Petit, and R.O. Lane. As a writer, I hope to entertain you with fun stories of the old West. My good guys are good, my bad guys are bad, and you’ll always find a touch of romance to sweeten the grit.



Jim Meskimen