Helios | Podium Audio

Universe Eventual


Book 2

By: NJ Tanger

Performed by: Josh Bloomberg

Released: August 08, 2017

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 13 hr, 43 min

The people of Stephen’s Point have put years into rebuilding the Chimera, their last hope for a return to Earth. As preparations continue, the ancient ship sleeps, bound by her strict protocols. Theo Puck finds himself drawn to the mysterious girl from the rim, Selena Samuelson, convinced that she holds the secret to waking the Chimera.
Meghan Ziczek watches as Theo and Selena grow closer, but the fulfillment of her own dreams of leadership give rise to a growing respect for the outsider. Marcus, too, wants the Chimera woken. But unlike Meghan, his leadership has nothing to do with saving Stephen’s Point – his hatred for Selena is nearly equal to the desire to control Theo. Will his dark impulses overwhelm them all?
When an exchange ship suddenly bursts through from Fractal Space, celebration erupts. Contact with Earth has been reestablished, the colony is saved from the brink of starvation…or are they? Instead of much-needed food and supplies, the exchange ship is full of nothing but the dead – a gruesome and horrifying delivery. With Earth’s fate called into question, Stephen’s Point descends into chaos.
Tasked with fulfillment of the rebuild and return mandate, Chief Moorland will stop at nothing in her quest to wake the Chimera and prepare the ship’s young crew. But can anything prepare them for what they might face at Earth? In the explosive new chapter to the Universe Eventual series, Helios will leave you breathless.



NJ Tanger

Nathan serves as acquisitions editor for Centrifuge Press, an independent speculative fiction publisher. He co-wrote the award-winning YA science fiction series Universe Eventual which includes the novels Chimera, Helios, Ceres, and Ascension. His short fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies including the best-selling Clones: The Anthology from Holt Smith, as well as in fiction magazines such as Spark, Pantheon Magazine, The Big Adios, and many others. Nathan holds an MFA in creative writing from Western State Colorado University and lives in Denver with his wife and two young boys.



Josh Bloomberg

According to AudioFile Magazine, "Narrator Josh Bloomberg is truly perfect". Bloomberg has narrated over 100 audiobooks in a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres (some, under a pseudonym). He speaks three languages fluently (English, French, Hebrew) and is an Earphones Award winner. Having recorded voiceover from the age of 15, he now focuses on audiobooks, commercial VO, and runs a voiceover production company out of his 1000 sq. ft. recording facility. Bloomberg has appeared on-screen, including the Netflix series "Greenhouse Academy".