Her Vengeful Embrace | Podium Audio

Twisted Hearts

Her Vengeful Embrace

Book 6

By: Katee Robert

Performed by: Sophie Daniels

Released: July 25, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 07 hr, 20 min

The only man she’s ever trusted…
Amarante took on the moniker Death fifteen years ago, and in that time, she’s more than earned the title as part of her long quest for justice. Now, with her plan finally reaching its culmination, she’s putting everything on the line. And she won’t let anyone stand in her way—especially the one man she lost her heart to once upon a time.
The only betrayal he’s ever regretted…
Tristan Merrick gave up being a hero along with his other childhood dreams. He knows how the world works now. Power is the only currency that truly matters, even if he has to compromise every bit of himself to gain it. His only regret is betraying the one woman who made him question it all.
A fiery chemistry neither of them can ignore…
Fate and revenge have put Amarante on a mission she doesn’t expect to survive…and Tristan stands directly in her path. The chemistry that bound them together before sparks even hotter now, with both of them helpless to resist. With the stakes higher than ever, will Tristan repeat the sins of the past… Or will he do whatever it takes to save Amarante from herself?



Katee Robert



Sophie Daniels

Sophie is a classically trained actor and lifelong fan of romance novels. As a teen buying books with clinch covers from the grocery store, she never imagined she'd get to narrate those stories someday!  Sophie brings a sense of vulnerability, wit, and sensuality to her projects, and enjoys exploring the myriad ways we can fall in love.