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Heretical Fishing

Heretical Fishing 2

Book 2

By: Haylock Jobson

Performed by: Heath Miller

Released: July 09, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Power is returning to the world after millennia, ancient constructs are stirring back to life, and one man is doing his best to ignore all that noise.
Fischer has everything he needs in life: blossoming friendships, a menagerie of cute animal companions, a waterfront property with easy access to fishing, and enough coffee to take out a small elephant or a _really _big dog.
Unfortunately, Fischer can’t catch a break. Cosmic forces? Still throwing curveballs. The bigwigs in the capital? Starting to sniff around his business. Cults? Still culting. Plus, awakened beings are washing up on his shores like flotsam after a storm. And worst of all? His coffee guy ghosted him!
It’s a lot for one heretical fisherman to handle. Thankfully, Fischer isn’t alone. Between his trusty guard crab, a mischievous otter who can wreathe herself in lightning, and an adorable bunny eager to solve every problem with a roundhouse kick, he’ll be just fine . . . probably.
The second volume of the laugh-out-loud LitRPG adventure series—a #1 Rising Star on Royal Road with more than three million views—now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Audible!



Haylock Jobson

Haylock lives on the beautiful shores of the Gold Coast, Australia. He spends his days writing in local cafes, drinking what some would refer to as "too much coffee", and annoying strangers by asking if he can pet their dogs.



Heath Miller