Hide and Seek | Podium Audio

Apocalypse Parenting

Hide and Seek

Book 3

By: Erin Ampersand

Performed by: Laurie Catherine Winkel

Released: May 28, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 15 hr, 49 min

Events have shown Meghan that protecting her kids also means making sure they’re ready to stand on their own when needed.
That’s always been part of her parenting philosophy, but applying it to letting a six-year-old get up close and personal with vicious monsters? Questionable! Certainly not easy.
Meghan needs to figure out a way, however, and the aliens won’t let her sit down and figure it out. While wrestling these personal dilemmas, she also needs to keep stabilizing her area, find a way to deal with these mysterious new Titans, and deal with some other nasty twists humanity’s alien tormentors have in store.



Erin Ampersand

Erin Ampersand is from an ignoble branch of the Punctuation Peerage,  considered little better than those scurrilous Interrobangs. In addition to writing and reading, Erin loves games of all sorts, from tabletop RPGs to videogames, although she is rather bad at platformers and hopeless at first-person shooters. She and her husband own enough board games to capsize a standard canoe. 



Laurie Catherine Winkel