His Forbidden Desire | Podium Audio

Twisted Hearts

His Forbidden Desire

Book 3

By: Katee Robert

Performed by: Sophie Daniels

Released: April 25, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 07 hr, 24 min

All she wants is her freedom…
Princess Camilla Fitzcharles is willing to risk everything to escape the gilded cage of her life. She’s secured an invitation to participate in the Wild Hunt, a deadly game hosted annually on the secretive Island of Ys. This year’s prize is the one thing that can set her free. Cami just has to survive long enough to win it.
He’ll do anything to get his revenge…
Luca has spent the last fifteen years waiting for vengeance. Now the plans are in motion, and there’s no going back. He couldn’t have anticipated Cami, though. She’s an innocent, a reminder of the life that was stolen from him, something to be protected, not leveraged in this dangerous game.
Getting what they want might cost them everything…
This year the Wild Hunt has changed. For the first time since its inception, an outsider is named the White Stag, the prey the rest of them hunt—Cami. She’s on the run and in danger, and Luca will do anything to keep her safe. The person she needs the most protection from? Him.



Katee Robert



Sophie Daniels

Sophie is a classically trained actor and lifelong fan of romance novels. As a teen buying books with clinch covers from the grocery store, she never imagined she'd get to narrate those stories someday!  Sophie brings a sense of vulnerability, wit, and sensuality to her projects, and enjoys exploring the myriad ways we can fall in love.