His Tormented Heart | Podium Audio

Twisted Hearts

His Tormented Heart

Book 5

By: Katee Robert

Performed by: Sophie Daniels

Released: June 27, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 07 hr, 14 min

She’s his only weakness…
Ryu’s plans are nearing fruition…but he can’t take any joy in this progress, not now that he knows the identity of the man responsible for all his and his siblings’ pain. Someone far closer than he could have dreamed. The only solace he finds is watching Delilah dance.
Betraying him is her only option…
Delilah’s attraction to Ryu makes no sense, and she would have been happy to ignore it if not for the threats she’s received. Threats against her little sister. Threats to hurt her if Delilah isn’t able to find out more information on the Horsemen.
Giving in to their desire will cost them everything…
Ryu and Delilah don’t trust each other—and with good reason—but they can’t deny the chemistry that sparks to life every time they touch. As they grow closer and closer, so does the danger to Delilah’s sister…and to the Horsemen.



Katee Robert



Sophie Daniels

Sophie is a classically trained actor and lifelong fan of romance novels. As a teen buying books with clinch covers from the grocery store, she never imagined she'd get to narrate those stories someday!  Sophie brings a sense of vulnerability, wit, and sensuality to her projects, and enjoys exploring the myriad ways we can fall in love.