Hold Me Closer, Fiery Phoenix | Podium Audio

Hold Me Closer, Fiery Phoenix

Book 9

By: Ava Ross

Released: April 23, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 03 hr, 40 min

If I don’t find my true love soon, I’ll die.
The dating scene can be tough for a phoenix, especially when I burn to cinders at the most inconvenient times. It’s gotten to the point where no one will even go out with me.
Worse, my spontaneous combustions are accelerating. I’ve been cursed with a rare phoenix abnormality, and my time’s ticking away. Soon, my pile of ashes will be swept up in the wind, and I’ll no longer rejuvenate as a phoenix.
Unless I can find my fated mate and convince her to love me.
When the town’s dating service, Monster Mingle, offers me a mail-order bride, I agree out of desperation. I’m married at first sight to Brooke, a woman I haven’t seen since we were sixteen, back when her older brother caught us making out and stole her away.
We pick up where we left off, and with the help of my monster friends, I set out to show her I’m the phoenix of her dreams.
Can I convince her to love me before it’s too late?
Hold Me Closer, Fiery Phoenix is book nine in the Monsterville, USA Series and is a spicy monster romcom. Each book is a standalone but best listened to in order. Expect romantic hijinks with monsters, heat, and a happily ever after.



Ava Ross