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How I, a Normal High School Student, Went to Royal Academy and Avoided Being Trapped in Hiatus Vol. 1

Book 1

By: Kal Griffith

Performed by: J.S. Arquin

Released: January 23, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 18 min

After a tragic accident ends Samson’s life, he’s given a second chance by Aki, the grim reaper in a tracksuit.
Aki, a fellow fan of Samson’s favorite light novel series, My Royal Academia, offers to help him, but only if he agrees to one condition: save the story from its hiatus.
Reincarnated into the very real world in the first chapter of the novel, Samson discovers he’s been granted the unique ability of Jack of All Trades. Now able to learn any skill, talent, or weapon, Samson must navigate the everyday life of the prestigious Royal Academy, armed with the invaluable knowledge of the novel’s most crucial secrets. But the stakes are higher than he could have ever imagined, as the fate of the story and his own life are inextricably linked.
Joined by the kind-hearted and determined Princess Victoria Somerset, her charismatic and confident brother Prince Nathaniel Somerset, and the wise and steadfast Mr. Stephen Ebenezer, Samson must rewrite the fate of My Royal Academia while embracing the challenges and joys of academy life.
It’s a race against the clock to prevent the looming hiatus.



Kal Griffith



J.S. Arquin

When J.S. Arquin was three years old he would grab the largest stack of books he could carry and demand the nearest adult read to him. When they finished that stack, he would grab more. Given his career path, it’s safe to say his his love affair with books and reading out loud has been a lifelong passion. J.S. has been a professional actor for nearly three decades, performed on stages around the world, and has recorded over 100 audiobooks. He has been a finalist for several audiobook awards, including a 2021 Independent Audiobook Award and an Audiobook Adrenaline award. He enjoys performing a wide variety of genres, but his passion is Science Fiction and Fantasy books. He loves taking listeners to fantastic places and bringing an authors’ dream world to vibrant life. Faced with a magic portal or a wormhole, he will jump through it without hesitation, every time.